Development Adantages

  • Rich experience in business development planning, mature operational management model in real estate development

  • National and international financial capital to support the landing of multiple industries into Chinese market, counting on the experities of a dedicated international team

  • Comprehensive planning, rational layout, comprehensive development, supporting construction, and global resource integration to open up the new modern industrial model

  • Standardized project management, from land development planning to operation, in order to achieve a one-stop service throughout the whole industry chain

CHIC planning

Chic City operates within «One belt One Road» development framework. With the national strategy to combine domestic and foreign economies as principle of the industrial development, Chic sets as its core businesses: brand incubator center, designer hotels and the international communities in orderto develope an international business model.

Comprehensive Matching

  • Designer Hotel

  • Brand Incubation center

  • talent apartment

  • International Community

  • International School

  • International Medical




  • FOOD

  • CAR

  • HOME


Classic case

International Case Show