The Guangpu European industry investment guide fund is officially signed

2017-11-07      |      Read Num:1550

The Guangpu European Industry Investment Guidance Fund has now been established and a signing ceremony was held for the Nanjing Chic Global Commodity Headquarters Base and related industrial chain projects. The event was held at the Italian Embassy in China. Attending the event was Xie Guo Yi, ambassador of Italy to China , Margherita Barberis, chairman of the Italian Foundation, Charles Fischer, chairman of Chic Group, Giuseppe Tamburi, a member of the Tamburi family of the Italian food industry, and Corrado Negri, chairman of Emotion Park of IRGENRE Group. At the ceremony, district leader Wang Lei signed on behalf of the district.

In Italy, witnessed by Ambassador Xie Guoyi and all the guests, Italy China foundation, Nanjing Pukou District People's government, CHIC group and other business representatives on the European light PU industry investment guidance fund and the establishment of Nanjing Chic global commodity headquarters base project contract. At the same time, the industry chain project of Italy Rinaldi food company and IRGENRE group automobile industry as the first European Project Group officially signed with chic.

It is reported that Guangpu European Industrial Investment Guide has an initial fund scale of one billion yuan. It aims to assist small and medium European enterprises in entering China, as well as for the establishment of the "Nanjing Global Commodity Headquarters Project" enterprises. Guangpu European Industrial Investment Guide provides investment, finance, trade, information, technology and other support, to promote the European small and medium-sized enterprises in China. This is done through wholesale, retail, exhibitions, services and other channels for the development of new business model projects. The goal is to set a standard for a new model of enterprise project cooperations, in order to promote the economic and cultural exchanges of European countries

It is understood that the Sino-Italian Foundation is the only designated semi-official executive body for the "Belt and Road"between Italy and the China The Sino-Italian Foundation was established in Milan, Italy, on November 11, 2003. It aims to promote exchanges and cooperation in political, economic, cultural, educational, health and other areas between the two governments and enterprises, through support and coordination of activities. In the past few decades, through its continuous efforts, it has successfully hosted and co-sponsored exchanges among large and medium-sized countries such as the "China Tibet Development Forum", "Milan-Expo Joint Pavilion", "Italian Prime Minister’s to visit China", and others .

Chic Group was founded by the Henry Fischer family. The Henry Fischer family has been engaging in business and financial activities since 1883, and is involved in fashion, gold jewelry, watches, finance and other industries. Its trade and related industries have invested in Europe, China, the United States, Dubai, and other parts of the world. After entering the Chinese market in 2008, and after eight years of continuous development in China, it has taken the lead in positioning a free trade zone and experiential projects, created a new modern industrial model that features bonded international famous product discounts, and which coexists in various business models. Chic Group is committed to free trade zone bonded direct sales of new industrial models for investment, development and operational management.