Chic Group was invited to attend the Sino-Finnish Business Summit to discuss Sino-Finnish trade cooperation and development

2017-11-07      |      Read Num:1250

On June 29th, 2017, the Sino-Finnish Business Summit and Innovation Enterprise Cooperation Committee meeting were held in the Beijing Guomao Hotel. The summit was hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. Sipila, Finnish Prime Minister and Han qide, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), visited the summit. Chic Group was invited to attend this conference to discuss in depth the economic and trade cooperation between China and Finland, with elites from both at home and abroad.

The meeting was highly regarded by the Chinese and Finnish governments. Nearly 70 top entrepreneurs attended the conference. Among them, well-known Finnish enterprises in the fields of digital communications, smart cities, green economy, winter sports and stadium construction attended the conference. The Finnish government hoped that with the summit, Chinese and Finnish enterprises will make in-depth docking in such fields as energy-saving and environmental protection, air purification, port machinery, shipbuilding, nano coating technology, ice and snow sports, venue design, big data, and internet and communications solutions.

The summit aimed at the exchange and docking of Sino-Finnish trade and investment cooperation, and explored opportunities for cooperation through one-on-one business talks. Chic Group, as the leader of China's free trade industry, focuses on a new modern industrial model that coexists with a variety of business formats such as bonded direct international famous product discounts, imported foods, imported household items and Parallel Cars. Chic Group has created a new business model that is committed to building a bridge between between European brands and Chinese businesses needs. Chic Group has successful operation of multiple free trade zone cooperation projects, and an annual trade volume as high as 4 billion yuan. Their rich experience in capital operation and management will effectively integrate the needs of the Chinese and Finnish enterprises, promote the enterprises, and gather together talents and other factors to become the pioneer for Sino-Finnish innovative cooperation.

After the meeting, Helen Tu, the executive director of Chic Group, conducted in-depth exchanges with Finnish Prime Minister Sipila. The government investment department of Finland and the Finnish enterprises also conducted in-depth exchanges on the trade and business cooperation between China and Finland. In the context of a globalized economy, the “Belt and Road” has promoted cooperation in the international trade industry. Chic Group has mastered the world's three to four hundred international and first-tier brand resources. Chic Group has become a huge international resource platform and a mature operation management model, which has helped to promote the development of Sino-Finnish trade cooperation.

The Sino-Finnish Business Summit will build an important platform for Sino-Finnish innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as scientific and technological cooperation. Chic will adhere to the spirit of being the pioneer by continuously consolidating the foundation of cooperation, expanding areas of cooperation, creating cooperation models, and making unremitting efforts for the cooperation between China and Finland.