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Cooperative Government

  • Nanjing Government

  • Qingdao Government

  • Dalian Government

  • Guiyang Government

  • Lanzhou Government

  • Yinchuan Government

  • Xi'An Government

  • Liupanshui Government

Cooperative Developer

International Team

The China-Italy Foundation, Pukou District People's government, Chic Group, and other related enterprises are able to deepen the mutually beneficial cooperation between Chinese and European enterprises, and provide an open and efficient platform for cooperation through resources, channels, and other areas. The initial scale is 1 billion yuan over the duration of ten years. Through wholesale, retail, exhibition, various services and other channels, they are able to quickly expand the Internet based on integration of the new online international business model, while simultaneously helping European brands and SMEs in the Chinese market, future branding system, retail system, service system and other areas of directional development investment and support.

International Active

  • 2013.3 Hua Fa Conference for Milan merchts

  • 2015.7 European trade center - China and France business summit

  • 2017.3 Chic Headquarters Milan Supply Chain Alliance Summit

  • 2017.5Sino-italian enterprises cross-border investment and negotiation meeting

  • 2017.2China-Italy Economic and Trade fourth meeting

  • 2014. Turkish official visit to Chic Project

  • 2017.10 Italian special seminar

  • 2017.10 German Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Cooperation fair

  • 2017.10 European Ninbo Week