The industry's first code of conduct seeks advice from an unattended domestic shop

2017-10-12      |      Read num:593

With the gradual emergence of new formats for unattended convenience stores, it is becoming more and more urgent to set the industry standard for unattended stores.

On October 25, the branch of China Association of Shoppers and Merchants of Unattended Branches released the "Guiding Opinions on Business Operation of Chinese Unattended Convenience Shops (Draft for Comment and Opinion)" (hereinafter referred to as the draft), officially taking the first step toward standardized management.

The draft separate from the UF shop settings, business practitioners, procurement of goods, inspection, warehouse management and other aspects of clear refinement requirements, and at the same time also emphasized the need for unattended shop operators to return the specific requirements. It also emphasized consumer complaints and food health and safety emergency handling,etc. Industry insiders believe that the introduction of the draft marks the standard operation of the unattended industry.

Emphasis on food hygiene and safety

For the current rapid development of business operation, the association put forward strict requirements for entry mechanisms. The draft requires that the entry qualifications of unattended business operators include: legal subject qualification for business activities; engaged in food sales, on-site sales, and should obtain a food business license and be equipped with the basic conditions for business development (including venue, vehicles, personnel and other necessary necessary resources). Enterprises should also establish a food safety management system and set up special personnel for food safety. Those involved in the operation of the franchised business need to obtain the relevant franchise business license.

The draft also made clear requirements for the establishment, operation, warehousing and logistics of unattended stores, requiring the operators of unattended stores to assume more business operators responsible for the effective protection of consumer food safety and other items rights and interests.

In addition, the draft also emphasizes the return requirements for unattended stores operators, as well as consumer complaints, as well as the handling of consumer complaints about food hygiene and safety emergencies: UAV operators should strictly implement the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China," "People's Republic of China consumers Rights and Interests Protection Law "and other relevant laws, to make the goods exchange system in line with the provisions of the law, for the return and exchange process to be clearly informed, and to provide supporting services.

The department store secretariat of the China General Merchandise Business Association of Unattended Stores, said that as a considerable part of UD enterprises are engaged in food business operations, it is recommended that all localities promote the development of UDs while promoting strict food safety, to ensure that food safety accidents do not occur. It is hoped that the relevant management departments will be able to manage the integration, adapt to local conditions, and make different exploration and various beneficial attempts.

Zhao Ping, director of the Department of International Trade Research at the CCPIT Research Institute, in an interview with the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said that although unattended stores as a new format creates very good conditions for increasing the service capacity of the business and promoting the convenience of consumption, it must first be carried out under the framework of a rule of law.

Enterprises call for improved industry norms

With the unattended convenience stores “standing up” with an outlet of investment and financing, major capital has poured in. In addition to F5 futures stores, start-ups such as Beanie Box have announced financing, Ali, Jingdong, Auchan, Actually Home, and other giants as well as innovative workshops, Jiyuan Capital and other capital have also made their entry. At the same time, the corresponding industry regulations are also becoming more and more important.

The high point of the Ministry of Commerce spokesman said that unattended shops are a useful attempt to push forward the structural reform of supply side from the angle of demand side, which can better meet personalized and diversified consumption demands. In order to encourage the relevant business, the Ministry of Commerce will timely release the "Retail Technology Innovation Framework" and the technical application of typical cases, leading the majority of retail enterprises to increase the application of advanced technology.

In addition, the Chain Store and Franchise Association insiders told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that the association is also drafting unattended convenience store-related business operating specification documents, which is expected to be released on November 8.

In fact, unattended convenience stores are also calling for the introduction of regulatory measures. This reporter learned that, because the box-type unattended convenience stores currently do not have clear regulatory norms, that businesses that are in the process of laying, are facing the difficulty of site selection.  Chen Zilin, the founder of the newspaper, told the Daily Economic News reporter that the "box" is not yet clear on the spot and has also received complaints in the hope of a more healthy and orderly development under the supervision and protection of the policies.

As the industry has developed various operating guidance documents, the development of unattended industries will hopefully be normalized. There will also be clear guidelines on the normative aspects of setting up and operating unattended convenience stores.