The first national ILParco store opened in Tianjin on the 15th

2017-10-12      |      Read num:576

On April 15th, the first ILParco store in China was officially opened in the underground mall of the Tianjin European Trade Center. On opening day, a new model of store sales attracted many Tianjin residents into the store to purchase.

This Italian popular store held its opening in an area of 500 square meters. Luggage, shoes, apparel and other major categories were sold including famous brands such as Tommy hilfiger, Armani, coach and dozens of others. During the opening of the store deals, shopping gifts , and lucky red packets were given away for promotion .

This kind of warehousing sales originated in the 60's in Europe, also known as warehouse sales. Its main characteristic is to use open shelves to display goods, it combines shopping malls and warehouses into one, and it uses resources to the extreme. Thus, it brings the highest value and cost to consumers, and becomes a unique model in modern sales . It is understood that the prices of international first-line brands such as tommy hilfiger, Armani and other familiar international first-line brand sale prices are in the hundreds. But now,  low decoration costs, factory direct purchasing, and business profit sharing is the main reason these warehoused can provide competitive prices.

 Il Parco is responsible for the introduction of the stores, which is already about to set up its 13th branch in the country. Wharehouse stores are different from the traditional stores. Warehouse stores have a larger scale, more categories, lower prices, features extremely wide product ranges, and has up to tens of thousands of individual items. This warehouse sales model has become a trend in foreign countries, but rare within China. In the future there are plans to set up more stores in the Chinese market to build high-quality, low-cost shopping platforms for consumers, and to lead the new fashion development trend.

 ILParco is Italy's leading fashion group with an Italian lifestyle fashion park as the theme of this new shopping model. It is committed to the Chinese market with high quality, comfort, and well-designed luxury Italian brands. All of its brands are international known, well-designed, and high-quality products that are keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Through food, fashion, leisure, entertainment, art, and other forms of integration, Il Parco adopts an experiential marketing strategy that follows happiness and imagination to create a store for the collection of Italian fashion brands. Il Parco is committed to the Chinese market to introduce high-quality and well-designed European goods, and to convey the Italian philosophy of a high-quality life.