Italian international fashion group Chic join hands with European trade to create a 5,000 square Il Parco main store

2017-10-12      |      Read num:602

At 12:58 on December 27th, 2015, the opening ceremony of the European Trade Center "Hand in Hand European Trade and Dialogue World" was held at the B2 Floor in the European Trade Center, Tianjin Airport Economic Zone. City leaders, chairman of the European Trade Center, chairman of Chic Group and other related personnel attended the business and delivered speeches, and jointly congratulated the opening of the European Trade Center. There were also performances such as a runway shows, art, music performances, and dances.

The European trade center is the first brand new commercial platform with pure European products as the main body. It is also the European commodity consumption market and trading platform which is an experiential and tourist destination platform. The center not only brings together many European fashion first-line brands, but also gathers together European native foods, handicrafts, household items, maternal and child products and many other European high-quality and affordable products.

As an Italian famous international fashion group, Chic has a collection of luxury stores all over Europe and has always been devoted to selling first-line European brands with high-quality, comfortable materials, and well-designed products for Chinese consumers at affordable prices. Through food and fashion, floral art, children's experiences, art party as the media, Chic has created the original Eco-Italian garden fashion collection shop. Therefore, Chic has been selecting partners that meet the brand's requirements and resonate with the brand's original eco-friendly European concept. After many visits, it was found that the vision of European trade’s "European-made" super-store business philosophy and the vision of the chairman of Chic Fashion Group, both coincided together.

Therefore, Chic Fashion Group joined hands with the European Trade Center to invest in 5,000 square feet for the creation of the ILParco main store. It represents an Italian fashion kingdom, ILParco, which is officially in China, bringing high-quality and low-priced European brands across China.

ILParco, a fashion kingdom, brings together many Italian brands and names such as Henry Fischer, luxury and cost-effective luxury items, as well as the ultimate luxuries, children's training centers, personal customization stores, fashion salons, Italian cuisine, second-hand Luxury goods replacement, and many other services. The total of 40 air purifiers and hundreds of green plants have allowed ILParco to become a non- smog area. On opening day there were even more brand discounts, lottery tickets, 50 yuan specials, and many other promotional activities.

       ILParco's successful opening marks the first Italian fashion park formally settled in Tianjin. There are plans for Chic Group and the European Trade Center to open an Italian-style fashion park as the theme of the new fashion shopping model. So that China Consumers can enjoy the Italian garden fashion collection shop in a comfortable, happy, and interactive shopping environment.